Is Prosecco Bad for Your Teeth?

Prosecco: Italy’s most popular sparkling wine. We’ve all heard about the new trend surrounding this irresistible sparkling wine. Not quite like champagne, yet, definitely more exciting than plain table wine. In the midst of its glory, Prosecco has a way of making life feel a little more glamorous, can evoke little more fun, and can create a little more…cavities?!

So, honestly, is drinking Prosecco bad for your teeth?

Well, let’s look at the breakdown of Prosecco. Prosecco is a sparkline wine that originated in Veneto, Italy. The wine derives from Prosecco grapes and is produced with a varied amount of sugar. The bottle is then labeled according to the level of sweetness: Brut, Extra Dry, and Dry. Prosecco labeled as Brut can have up to a half of gram of sugar per glass while Dry can have up to one gram of sugar per glass! This high sugar content mixed with its acidic PH balance can really do some damage. What some dentists refer to as the ‘Prosecco Smile’, we more commonly understand as: tooth decay. The carbonation, alcohol, high sugar content, and high acidity levels can destroy your teeth by stripping them of their protective layer called enamel; thus, opening the bridge for decay.

Due to the nature of Prosecco, it’s easy to find yourself sipping on a couple glasses without taking a hint of notice to what it’s doing to your teeth. Thankfully, one or two glasses every so often may not do too much damage, while intaking multiple glasses regularly can be extremely harmful to not only your oral health, but your overall health as well.

To combat tooth decay while drinking your delicious glass, dentists recommend:

  • Drinking Less
  • Drinking with food to reduce any acidic damage (i.e. Cheese, Crackers, etc.)
  • Taking a break between glasses
  • Drinking sparkling wine cocktails through a straw
  • Brushing at least twice daily
  • Waiting to brush for at least an hour after each glass
  • Flossing between teeth and on the gum line daily

All in all, Prosecco can add a lively aspect to everyday living. The key is to maintain your oral hygiene habits while limiting the amount you drink at one time. For more information about tooth decay and how to prevent ‘Prosecco Smile’, contact your local dentist’s office such as Gladwell Orthodontics, located in Wake Forest, NC. Gladwell Orthodontics is happy to assist with any questions you may have and offers a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gladwell. Let’s make a plan to maintain great oral hygiene, so you can enjoy your glass of Prosecco… worry free!