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For anyone, the adjustment to orthodontic treatment may seem like a difficult road, no matter if you area a teenager or adult. In fact, what can be the most worrisome is the length of time that orthodontic treatment can take. Of course, tooth movements don’t just happen overnight, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was some sort of device that could speed up the process more quickly?

Well, you are in luck because at Gladwell Orthodontics located in Raleigh, Durham and Wake Forest, North Carolina, we gladly offer accelerated orthodontic treatments to our patients of all ages who have traditional braces or Invisalign aligners! The accelerated orthodontic treatments are meant to improve the effectiveness of your braces, reduce the amount of treatment time and make treatment much more comfortable for you.

The Propel System vs. Acceledent:

As for the two different types of accelerated orthodontic treatments that we offer in our office, we offer The Propel System and Acceledent. The Propel System is a patented, FDA-registered accelerated orthodontic device that serves to stimulate bone growth using “AlveocentesisTM” so that the teeth move into place more quickly. With The Propel System, patients should feel little to no discomfort. Typically, a numbing topical gel or local anesthetic is given to ensure that no discomfort can be felt. Once the treatment is over, you are able to carry on with your day with no restrictions at all since there is no recovery time necessary with The Propel System.

On the other hand, Acceledent is an FDA-cleared device that is placed in the mouth around their orthodontic devices. Acceledent works by creating necessary vibrations in the mouth that helps to accelerate bone remodeling and align the teeth much more quickly than normal. It is recommended that Acceledent is used for about 20 minutes daily and when this is coupled with the existing force created by traditional braces or aligners, the tooth movements occur much faster.

To use Acceledent properly, you should bite down on the mouthpiece, which will turn on the device and let it pulse for 20 minutes. At the end of the 20 minutes, your Acceldent session is over and you can put it away until tomorrow! You can smile with confidence knowing that Acceledent will make your orthodontic treatment much more efficient and effective since it has been proven to accelerate tooth movement by more than 50%. We use both Propel and Acceledent at our Cary, NC invisalign office as well.


Will I feel the teeth movements right away?
You may feel pressure as the teeth are moving, however, tooth movements don’t happen soon enough to where you will feel the teeth physically repositioning.

Can everyone be a candidate for Propel and Acceledant?
The majority of patients who are in good health make good candidates for both the Propel system and Acceledent. If you are interested in either of these accelerated orthodontic treatments we encourage you to contract Gladwell Orthodontics to see if this type of treatment is best for you and your orthodontic devices!

Frequently Asked Questions About Acceledent

Can I pay for Acceledent using my Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?
Yes! When prescribed by an orthodontist, Acceledent may be eligible under your HSA or FSA. We recommend checking with your plan administrator to confirm this.

Is Acceledent safe to use?
U.S. clinical trials have proven that Acceledent is completely safe and cleared by the FDA to use so you don’t have to worry if you decide to take advantage of it.

Will I enjoy improved results if I enjoy the device for more than 20 minutes a day?
Some patients ask us if they can be overachievers and turn the device for more than 20 minutes a day so they can complete their treatment even faster and/or enjoy better results. Unfortunately, this does not work and we do not recommend turning for more than 20 minutes daily.

How should I clean Acceledent?
It’s important to keep your device in tip-top shape by cleaning it after every use. We suggest disconnecting the mouthpiece from the activator and rinsing it with lukewarm water. On occasion, you can use a mild soap or soft dishwashing detergent to gently scrub the mouthpiece. Don’t place the device in the dishwasher as doing so can lead to serious damage.

Can I share the device with family or friends?
It can be tempting to want to share the power of Acceledent with friends and family. However, we discourage going this route as it’s a single-use, prescription device. If your friend or family member is interested in it, they should see an orthodontist.

What happens if I have to disrupt my 20 minute turning session?
In the event you have to disrupt your 20 minute turning session, the device will remember how long you’ve used it as long as the disruption is not longer than 5 minutes. After it’s been turned off for 5 minutes, it will work for 20 minutes.

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