Back Teeth Don’t Touch After Invisalign – What To Do

Invisalign allows patients to achieve the smile of their dreams in a discreet, comfortable way. After Invisalign treatment, many patients are amazed at the results and happy they invested time and money into these clear aligners.

However, sometimes, some patients contact our office after completing their Invisalign treatment and explain that their back teeth do not touch. They are concerned and wondering whether there was an issue with their treatment. In most cases, they didn’t notice a problem with their back teeth before Invisalign.

The good news is that this happens often after patients initially complete Invisalign. Since the plastic aligners are just as thick in the back as they are in front, when they are removed, jaws hinge and the front teeth move further and contact first.

If you are having this issue, we may recommend being patient and waiting for your back teeth to come together on their own. In the event they do not after a few months, wearing your last aligners at night to allow your bite to settle may be an option.

Keep in mind that while this change in your back teeth may be concerning initially, it can ultimately benefit the appearance, feel, and function of your smile. To determine whether your back teeth are a concern after Invisalign, you should call our office as soon as possible.

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You can read this article in Spanish here – Los dientes traseros no se tocan después de Invisalign, ¿qué hacer?