What is the Best Time of Year to Get Invisalign?

Dr. Jason Gladwell is the only Invisalign Diamond Plus Provider in the Raleigh triangle area who proudly treats Invisalign cases on a daily basis. Dr. Gladwell understands that Invisalign may seem like a transition for individuals at first, but that Invisalign treatment provides a large benefit in an individual’s smile, confidence, oral hygiene and comfort. In fact, Invisalign treatment is for individuals of all ages whether teens, adults or seniors. There is not an age limit on a happy smile! Now the question may be to ask yourself- When should I get Invisalign?

Simply, to answer this, you may need to factor in a few things like:

At Gladwell Orthodontics, we understand that Invisalign treatment is not exactly “cheap,” but you do get what you pay for. At our office, Dr. Gladwell is with you every step of the way to ensure that your aligners fit well and are working as they should. If you have a problem with any Invisalign aligner, Dr. Gladwell and his associates will work hard to fix any issue quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it takes time for treatment where you may need to come into the office every 1-2 weeks to switch out the aligners to see how well they are fitting and if they are working. If time off is something you struggle with from work, this can be something to think about! Lastly, flexibility is something to consider in case an aligner doesn’t feel just right, you may need to have an adjustment made. If your schedule is very rigid and doesn’t allow for leeway for a spontaneous appointment, arrangements may need to be made!

So, the best time of year to get Invisalign is really the time that works best for you! Some individuals may want to start in the Winter because they are taking less trips traveling, but others may prefer the summer because they have a more flexible schedule during this time. To put it into a different perspective, if you plan on taking a 2 month European vacation during the summer the time to start treatment would be after this trip so that you have easier access to Dr. Gladwell’s office! Regardless, when you would like to start your Invisalign journey that is up to you and those of us at Gladwell Orthodontics will be here for when you would like to begin!

Please call us at (919)-453-6325 or visit our website for when you are ready to transform your smile with Invisalign.