Can I Get the Black Triangle on My Front Two Top or Bottom Teeth Fixed?

Also known as tooth stripping, interproximal reduction or IPR involves removing small amounts of outer enamel tooth surface between two adjacent tooth. This technique may be beneficial when you need to get rid of a small amount of crowding and it’s not a good idea to remove your adult teeth or expand your dental arches. IPR is a great strategy for creating addition space to ensure the optimal tooth alignment.

Here at Gladwell Orthodontics, Dr. Jason Gladwell has performed IPR on many patients. He uses flexible strips with diamond that go back and forth between your teeth. They allow a very small portion of your tooth enamel to be removed so that space for orthodontic realignment can be made. The good news is that this procedure typically comes with little to no discomfort because the outer layer of the tooth contains no nerve endings.

You should know that after IPR, there will be small gaps between your teeth. Fortunately, as your orthodontic treatment progresses, these gaps will become smaller and less noticeable. Eventually, they will completely close and you will be left with the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. This procedure has been used for decades by orthodontists and may be just what you need to resolve the black triangle on your front two top or bottom teeth fixed.

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