What is the Blue GO Store near Forever 21 and Macy’s at Southpoint Mall

If you have visited Southpoint Mall in April or May 2019, you have likely noticed a new store with a Blue GO opening near Macy’s and Forever 21. Many have been asking what this “Blue GO” store is going to be. This is our second location for an Invisalign Scan Center Experience. Similar to our Crabtree Valley Mall Invisalign Scan Center, the Southpoint Mall Invisalign Scan Center Experience will allow parents and children to receive a free consultation to see exactly what their teeth would look like before and after Invisalign.

If you have been thinking about Invisalign vs braces, we strongly encourage you to stop by our Southpoint Mall location. You will receive the best possible care and will get a better understanding of how Invisalign works and what your smile will look like after treatment.