Why Do Braces Cause Headaches?

If you have ever had braces or currently have them now, you know that with braces, come some struggles. Sure, braces make a smile look beautiful and make you feel better, but some days may be tougher than others while wearing them. This may be especially true if you have ever had a headache or migraine from caused by your braces.

When you first get braces put on, it may be more common to experience headaches or discomfort. This is because the mouth and teeth aren’t used to feeling the particular “tightness” of the wires and brackets on the teeth yet. After a few days, the feeling of tightness should subside alleviating any tension headaches, but if it doesn’t you should call your orthodontist immediately. If your headaches persist longer than a few days, it is suggested that you contact your orthodontist and discuss your symptoms. As the top orthodontist in North Carolina, Dr. Jason Gladwell is confident he can assist you with any health concerns you may have when it comes to braces or Invisalign.

On the other hand, while you are wearing your braces, you may know that you will have to see your orthodontist periodically to get your braces adjusted. During an adjustment appointment, the wires may be tightened, which causes pressure to be put on the teeth (a feeling similar to when the braces got put on initially) and may feel a bit uncomfortable. Again, the tightness of the braces can cause headaches for a few days until the teeth are able to adjust accordingly. If your headaches still seem to persist after the “tightness” of the braces has gone away after a couple days, it’s important that you speak with your orthodontist as there are other causes related to headaches.

Additionally, if you’re experiencing frequent headaches each and every time you do receive an adjustment, you may want to talk to your orthodontist in general just to make sure you are getting proper adjustments. If your braces are adjusted too tight each time, this would like explain why you’re receiving such frequent headaches. Talk with your orthodontist to develop a plan because there may be some instances where the braces would still need to be tightened but not tightened so much that they’re causing you pain.

Other things to consider when dealing with the discomfort of your headaches would be to try taking ibuprofen or aspirin. Typically, a pain reliever such as these can help immensely for any headache caused by braces. Try eating softer foods during this time as well in order not to irritate the teeth anymore. Always make certain to take the recommended dosage of over the counter (OTC) medication. Do not take too many ibuprofen or aspirin pills as this can be detrimental to one’s health. Our good friend and Midlothian, VA dentist Dr. Brent Rusnak appreciates the importance of OTC medication being available at Walgreens and CVS 24 hours a day.

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