Braces or Invisalign After an Accident or Injury

During teenage years, accidents and injuries are going to happen. Whether your son got hit with a baseball or your daughter fell during cheerleading or gymnastics, there is the potential movement or breaking of teeth. Fortunately, teeth are very strong. Even during the developmental stage, most teeth are going to survive even the most severe injuries. That said, it is always a wise choice to seek out professional treatment after an accident or injury.

Something that has been introduced to our orthodontic practice over the last several years is students suffering injuries after a car or vehicular accident. While most have medical or health insurance, there are many that do not have dental insurance. When a car insurance settlement is created there is a set amount that goes towards medical and dental bills. If you have a son or daughter that needs orthodontic or dental treatment after a Raleigh car accident contact Gladwell Orthodontics today.

We have worked with a number of patients that needed the reassurance that their Invisalign or braces were not “ruined” by the impact of a car accident. Only an experienced orthodontist or dentist will be able to determine the severity of the injuries to the mouth. It is very important to get this assessed as soon as possible. The longer you wait to address the issue, the more difficult it is going to be to straighten the teeth that have been moved due to the accident.

At our office, we work hard to make your life easier. We will go above and beyond to make certain you understand the cost and the options available to you or your son or daughter. We also have financing packages that will allow you to pay off the braces or Invisalign with monthly installments. Sometimes it is best not to wait until the car accident settlement check comes in. If you wait too long, the teeth may need surgery or extensive orthodontic care over the next several years.

Many parents go through the traumatic experience of a dental emergency. Fortunately, there are practices that have extended hours that can assist you with your dental emergency in the Raleigh area. Before you get too stressed out about a chipped tooth or a loose tooth from a football injury, reach out to an emergency dentist that can address the issue in less than an hour.