What It’s Like to Have Braces in Middle School

As an elementary student, everyone looked up to the middle-schoolers. They were in a new school, had their own bus, and the best playground. The elementary kids wanted to be just like then, especially when it came to looks. All the middle school kids had braces at the time, so of course in elementary school, the kids were looking forward to getting braces.

They would plan out the color of the rubber bands for their braces, mixing and matching two or three colors, and being festive for the holidays with orange and black or green and red rubber bands. There was so much excitement waiting to get your own braces, until you did. Then you realize the difficulties that come with having metal squares glued to your teeth. At first it is just uncomfortable, having a bunch of metal in your mouth.

Your teeth just don’t seem to fit right in your mouth anymore, your lip rubs back and forth over the braces every time you talk, and after every appointment, your teeth are always a little sore. For me, the worst part was not being able to eat certain foods. Apples had to be cut up, laffy taffy was to be avoided at all costs, everything would get stuck in the wires and between the braces, so there’s always a potential for embarrassing yourself.

And then come the rubber bands to make it even worse. Eating was hard enough, but now you have to take out the rubber bands every time you eat, and put them back on after. And if you opened your mouth too far, the rubber band would break in your mouth. A snapping band in your mouth could potentially hit your tongue or lip, and at the lunch table it was always a gag when someone pulled out a broken band.

It was pretty uncommon, so whenever it happened to someone the whole table would roar in laughter. The best part about having braces, in reality, is the day that you get them off. Especially when everyone else still has them, you’ll be the coolest middle-schooler with the best looking teeth. When looking for the best Raleigh Orthodontist, make certain to contact Gladwell Orthodontics today.

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