What Orthodontic Appliances Fix Scissors Bite?

When the upper molars are positioned outward or the lower molars are positioned inward and the molars miss one another and cause an overlap when the mouth is closed, a condition known as a scissors bite arises.

If you or your child has a scissors bite, failing to treat it may result in chewing difficulties. In addition, a scissors bite can leave you or your child with gum recession which can eventually lead to a variety of other serious dental issues like periodontal disease.

Fortunately, scissors bites can be treated in both children and adults. If you or your child needs to treat this condition, the severity of the scissors bite as well as age will determine the treatment approach. Here are some of the most common treatment approaches for scissors bites:

  • Intermaxillary Cross Elastics: Elastics are applied to the upper teeth and connected in a cross pattern to the lower teeth.
  • Lingual Arch Appliance: A lingual arch appliance is designed to maintain space in order to prevent molars from moving forward and blocking the space where permanent teeth will erupt in time.
  • Trans-palatal Arch Appliance: The purpose of a trans-palatal arch appliance is to move molars into positions that wires cannot move them while maintaining the arch width of the upper jaw.
  • Anchorage Devices: Anchorage devices are temporary devices that can minimize arch width and upright the molars to fix a scissors bite without the need for a surgical procedure.
  • Dentofacial Osteotomy Surgery: During this surgery, the jaw bone is cut, moved, altered, and realigned to create an appropriate relationship between the molars in the upper and lower jaws.

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