Raleigh Orthodontist That Assists Special Needs Children and Adults

Special needs children and adults often take medication or follow special diets that can hurt their oral health. Many of them also find it challenging to maintain healthy oral habits at home, making them susceptible to various oral diseases. For this reason, it’s essential for special needs children and adults in Raleigh to visit an orthodontist who has the education and experience to meet their unique needs.

Here at Gladwell Orthodontics, Dr. Jason Gladwell is dedicated to helping those with special needs maintain excellent oral health despite their limitations. Here’s why he stands a top-notch orthodontist for anyone in Raleigh with special needs:

Specialized Training

Dr. Jason Gladwell has completed two years of specialty training in providing care for children and adults with special needs. His education in sedation and hospital dentistry as well as behavior management has given him the skills necessary to make trips to the orthodontist less overwhelming for special needs children and adults.

Sedation Dentistry

Since many special needs patients have conditions and behaviors that cause them to feel anxious at the dentist and inhibit their ability to sit or hold still for a long period of time, Dr. Jason Gladwell offers sedation dentistry in his office. With sedation dentistry, special needs children and adults can receive the orthodontic procedures they need without any issues or discomfort.

Experience Working with Patients with a Variety of Special Needs

Dr. Gladwell has years of experience helping patients with a variety of special needs achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. He treats children and adults with Down’s syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, physical injuries, severe anxiety, and a number of other conditions.

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If you’d like your special needs child or adult relative to receive the highest quality of orthodontic care in Raleigh, Gladwell Orthodontics is sure to exceed your every expectation. We pledge to treat each special needs patient with the respect and compassion they deserve. Call us at 919-453-6325 to schedule an initial appointment. We offer Invisalign, metal braces and more.