Is There a Special Football Mouthpiece for Boys Wearing Braces?

If your son has braces and plays football, you are probably wondering whether there is a special football mouthpiece he can wear to protect his teeth, gums, and mouth. The good news is there are a wide variety of football mouthpieces that can allow your son to play a sport he loves while sticking to his braces treatment plan. Here at Gladwell Orthodontics, we recommend the following mouthpieces for boys who play football:

Vettexx Youth Football Mouthguard

The Vettexx Youth Football Mouthguard is the ideal choice for any boy with braces who would like to keep his teeth safe during football games. In addition to its impressive strength and durability, it features breathing holes, lip guards, and a custom-fit design. It is also available in 23 colors so that your son can choose a mouthguard that matches his football team color or is one of his favorite colors.

Shock Doctor Double Braces Strapped Mouthguard

The Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard is comprised of 100% medical grade silicone, making it one of the most comfortable mouthguards on the market. If you choose this mouthguard for your son, he will enjoy ultimate comfort as well as the easy breathing that is made possible through build-in breathing vents.

MoGo Sport Youth Lemon Flavored Mouthguard

With the MoGo Sport Youth Lemon Flavored Mouthguard, your son can enjoy the pleasant flavor of lemon while playing football. Thanks to cutting-edge flavor technology, the lemon flavor is imbedded into the plastic and lasts for a long time. This mouthguard also offers exceptional comfort, breathability, and protection.

Under Armour ArmourFit Mouthguard

Youth football players admire the Under Armour ArmourFit Mouthguard because it allows them to breathe and talk with no issues. Additionally, it can be molded easily to fit their unique mouth and comes with a dental warranty.

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