The Struggles of Braces

With all the orthodontist appointments, loose wires, rubber bands, talking problems, and foods to avoid, there are countless struggles that only people with braces understand. First and foremost is the orthodontist themselves. Depending on where you go, it can make or break the experience.

Luckily at Gladwell Orthodontics, the staff are always friendly and make the appointments more enjoyable, so it is not as big of a hassle as it could have been, and you really don’t mind missing class for it. Although having someone’s hands in your mouth is not a great experience, adding the tools and metal that comes along with braces make it even worse. They tighten and pull and strain your teeth.

As you finally start getting used to the visits, and think you know exactly what to expect, they usually throw a curve ball at you and add a different wire that is thicker than the last, add a new type of brace, or give you rubber bands. The restrictions on your mouth now make it even harder to talk.

There is an adjustment period right after getting the braces are applied. This involves figuring out how to talk normal again, how to eat, and how to have your lips sit comfortably over the weird metal things stuck to your teeth. It takes a bit of time but after a while you practically forget you even have braces.

With having braces in middle school, you never realize how often objects seem to hit your mouth until your lip gets smashed into them and you get a cut in the shape of the brace imprinted onto your inner lip. After a while, you get used to having braces, and it is still the cool thing to be wearing at the time so you’re very trendy, but the best feeling is getting them taken off for good. You have nice, clean, shiny teeth that everyone notices. They’re so straight and smooth, and you can eat everything again! All the struggles were worth the end results, but now come the retainers.

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