Candid vs Invisalign vs Orthodontist or Dentist

Having straight teeth is in, and there are many methods of getting straighter teeth. New startups are popping up left and right, and many claim to be the best, with the lowest prices. There are some good options, but are they really as good as the treatment you could get from the professionals?

Candid is a startup company that aims to make straight teeth easier to have at a lower cost than braces or Invisalign. Candid states that their treatment costs 65% less than other places, and the average time it takes for straighter teeth is about 6 months. This all seems great and dandy, but does it really work? Teeth take time to shift, and when they do get to the placement you want, you need to continue to wear the retainers, or else they will shift back. Candid uses a modeling kit and a remote orthodontic evaluation to see if clients would be a good fit for their aligners. They can only help correct minor to moderate teeth, crowding, rotations, and can help some bite corrections.

This can all be done anywhere from three to ten months. This to me sounds too good to be true, but that is because I had braces for about four years. I needed a lot of work done, though. I had a palate expander for about a year to widen the roof of my mouth, braces to align my teeth, and then rubber bands to pull my bottom jaw forward for correct alignment. After all the work my orthodontist put into my teeth, I am happy to say I have a beautifully straight smile, and I still wear my retainers eight years later.

Getting advice from a professional is very important. Your teeth should be treated by someone that knows what they are doing. At Gladwell Orthodontics, their staff is well educated and happy to help. Call today if you are interested in learning more about invisalign or braces!