Are Chewies™ Aligner Tray Seaters Helpful for Invisalign?

Invisalign is vastly changing the way we see orthodontia. With Invisalign plastic aligners there are no metal brackets or wires included unlike traditional metal braces. In fact, they are clear and when placed in the mouth, many people may not even notice that you are wearing an Invisalign aligner at all. In addition to their esthetics, Invisalign also is removable making them even more reasonable for patients who may wish to remove their aligners for special occasions, eating, drinking, etc.

In order to create your aligners, certain digital scans of your teeth must be taken using a special scanning computer. The photo scans will formulate a 3-dimensional model of your very own teeth, which also creates a personalized step-by-step treatment plan just for YOU. Additionally, the model that the scanner creates ensures that each aligner will fit tightly onto the teeth to ensure proper tooth movements.

If for any reason a new set of aligners do not seem to fit correctly over the teeth when placed in the mouth or does not “seat” properly over the teeth, your orthodontist may suggest that you use Chewies™. Chewies are a type of “tray-seating” device designed to help properly seat Invisalign aligners in the mouth. More specifically, Chewies help to close any air gaps between your teeth and your Invisalign aligners, which in turn helps to speed up the treatment progress.

What do Chewies look like?
Essentially, Chewies look like a small roll of cotton in the shape of a small cylinder. However, they are made up of a soft spongy plastic-like material that is flexible (yet hard enough) to force an Invisalign aligner to properly seat on the teeth. The size of the Chewie is convenient for carrying them wherever you may need to go because they’re small enough to fit in an aligner case. Just be careful not to misplace them!

How to use Chewies™:
To begin, start by properly placing an aligner Chewie on one end of your mouth, on top of the aligners between your teeth (either “longways” or “shortways”) and bite down firmly. Bite and tap your teeth continuously moving the Chewie from one end of your mouth all of they way to the other and do this repeatedly until you have successfully bitten on it with all of your teeth and the aligner is tightly fitting on the teeth without any spacing. Even if the aligner feels “too tight,” this is to be expected and any “tightness” or feeling of pressure should subside in a day or so.

Be sure to repeat the Chewie process as many times as directed by your orthodontist. Your orthodontist may recommend using Chewies before bed to ensure a tight fit throughout the night so that the teeth can move as needed or various times throughout the day. Be sure to listen to the instructions given by the orthodontist to know how often and how long you should be using your Chewies. To give you an idea of timing, it is often recommended that a Chewie should be used in 5-10 minute sessions. You don’t want to rush the process of using the Chewie because improper seating can hinder timeliness of successful teeth movements.

Can I Throw my Chewies Away?
Before you decide to throw your Chewie away after one use or two, don’t! You can wash your Chewies several times to reuse them before they lose their elasticity. Be sure to wash them with a mild soap prior to reusing them. Talk to your orthodontist to see which type of soap they recommend. As a general rule of thumb, try to clean your Chewie after each session. Once your Chewies have lost their flexibility and elasticity you can dispose of them properly.

Where Can I get Chewies™?
By scheduling an initial consultation for GO Simple Invisalign Aligners with Gladwell Orthodontics today you can opt for Chewies™ Aligner Tray Seaters under our “Simple Enhancement” options if determined they are needed for your personalized treatment plan. When purchased, a quantity of 10 comes with our packs.

If for any reason you are running low or lose your Chewies, we certainly have packs of Chewies available for purchase at our office! Please feel free to give us a call at (919)-453-6325 if you may need another pack of Chewies before your next scheduled appointment.

What if I have questions about Chewies?
If you have any questions or concerns about Chewies, please do not hesitate at all! Those of us at Gladwell Orthodontics would love to hear from you to answer any questions and provide you with the insight you may be looking for. Please contact us by phone (919)-453-6325, or online. Those of us at Gladwell are eager to help you the best we can!

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