What is ClinCheck with Invisalign?

Align Technology is the brilliance behind the Invisalign product that is vastly and rapidly changing the way we think of “braces” today. In 1997, Align Technology created the innovative product and since then teams of engineers and scientists have been continuously devoted to enhancing your path to a beautiful smile you have wished for.

Originally, Invisalign was meant to treat mild cases of crookedness or teeth spacing issues, but now Invisalign is capable of correcting much more difficult cases with the advancement of technology. The way the Invisalign treatment works is by wearing a series of aligners that fit tightly over the teeth for an estimated two weeks at a time. At every two-week mark, a new aligner will be placed eventually resulting in the desired smile that was intended.

How are aligners created?

Aligners are not made from any sort of guesses. In fact, unique software called ClinCheck is what helps to make Invisalign aligners achievable and accurate. This ClinCheck software helps Invisalign providers map out the path to the desired smile from start to finish.

More about ClinCheck software:

  • The 3D visual allows the Invisalign provider to customize treatment as needed
  • Drag and drop interfaces are made available to make attachments and precision cuts communication much easier with Align
  • Algorithms are used to help calculate the adequate amount of force needed for every tooth movement
  • The software, with aid of the Invisalign provider, helps to ensure every tooth moves in the correct order and at the right time

For more Information:

At Gladwell Orthodontics, our Raleigh, NC orthodontics team understands that a healthy, attractive smile is important to everyone. That is why our staff strives to make an impact when you first set foot in our office. We gladly offer an array of Invisalign treatments including Invisalign for adults and Invisalign Teen clear aligners. Recently, we have launched our GO Simple and GO Traditional packages for Invisalign where we put ClinCheck software into practice! Please contact us today by calling (919)-453-6325 regarding further information about ClinCheck.