Will My Face Change If I Get Invisalign or Braces?

When the words Invisalign or braces come to mind, you likely think about straight teeth. However, these orthodontic treatments do more than straighten the teeth. They can also improve the relationship between your upper and lower arch so that your teeth can correctly come together.

Since Invisalign and braces can bring your teeth and jaws into alignment, they do have the potential to improve the shape of your face and its features. This is particularly true if you have a major misalignment such as an overbite or underbite and jaw imbalance has had a negative affect on your face. Once your issue is resolved, you may find that your face has received a noticeable enhancement.

Dr. Jason Gladwell is an expert at correcting misalignments in a way that improves your oral health and physical appearance. With his keen eye for detail and years of experience designing braces and Invisalign treatment plans, you can enjoy a straighter smile and more attractive facial structure.

Before you undergo an Invisalign treatment plan, it’s important to discuss the goals of your treatment with Dr. Gladwell. Are you mainly focused on straightening your teeth or do you hope to alter your face and create a more defined jawline and wider smile? Be honest about what you’d like to achieve so that Dr. Gladwell can plan your treatment appropriately and determine whether you have realistic expectations.

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