Gum Overgrowth with Braces – Is This Bad?

Braces are designed to improve the appearance of your teeth. However, sometimes they lead to periodontal problems such as gum overgrowth. These problems typically occur because braces can make it more challenging for you to clean your teeth.

When you are unable to provide your teeth with the proper cleaning and care they deserve, bacteria can accumulate, irritate the gum tissue, and cause gum overgrowth, leading to larger gum tissues. Gum overgrowth is typically found on the front of the teeth and can be on the side of the tongue in some instances. Since gum overgrowth make it even more difficult to clean your teeth, it can further irritate them.

Although gum overgrowth with braces isn’t ideal, it is treatable. If you are coping with this issue, it’s best to visit Dr. Gladwell so that he can examine your mouth and let you know how to improve the overgrowth.

He will likely recommend effective oral hygiene where you take your time to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth each day in order to manage your condition. If necessary, regular professional cleanings may be suggested as well. In the event medication is the cause of your overgrowth, you will need to visit your physician to discuss an alternative medication option.

Contact Gladwell Orthodontics

If you are experiencing a gum overgrowth with braces, you should call Gladwell Orthodontics at 919-453-6325 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Gladwell will make sure that the overgrowth isn’t a sign of a larger problem and likely provide you with brushing and flossing tips that will help you control it.