Invisalign Attachments, Buttons and Elastic Bands – All You Need to Know

Align Technology the makers of Invisalign clear aligners, have transformed the orthodontic industry over time. With Align’s ever-so-popular Invisalign treatment, they have expanded the options for patients seeking orthodontia. Instead of the traditional metal braces, Align has proven their product to be a great success.

The Invisalign treatment is the process of wearing a series of removable aligners in order to gradually straighten teeth over a period of time. There are no brackets or wires involved with Invisalign and no restrictions either. The aligners are custom fitted to your teeth to ensure proper comfort and usability to shift your teeth.


Some Invisalign treatment may involve SmartForce attachments, small tooth colored shapes that are attached directly to the teeth. The shapes of attachments may be circles or squares depending on the kind of movement that is desired to take place.

Essentially, the attachments work as “handles” providing the aligners with something to push on in order to shift teeth with ample amount of force. These attachments are what make more complex tooth movements possible without the need for traditional braces. Attachments are hardly noticeable since the clear aligners fit tightly over them.

Buttons and Elastics

Buttons serve as an extra tool to aid in tooth movements. They are little bumps on the teeth created from a tooth-colored bonding material and placed in the middle of the teeth to serve as an anchor point to help guide force of the aligners.

Elastics are elastic bands that are also used to direct tooth movement. Elastic bands are used with traditional metal braces and the elastics used during Invisalign treatment is a nearly identical process. An elastic band will run from an upper tooth to a lower molar. The buttons serve as a place of attachment for elastics.

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