Why Does My Invisalign Get Cloudy?

Invisalign is wonderful for patients who are looking for orthodontic treatment without the hassle of metal braces. You can brush and flush your teeth like normal without wires or brackets getting in the way. There are no diet restrictions since you can simply remove the aligners while eating. Best of all, the aligners are clear making it barely noticeable to others that they are even being worn. Essentially, the Invisalign treatment process allows you to live the life you want while progressing towards the results you have always wanted.

Now, Invisalign aligners are great and make orthodontia much simpler for you as the patient, but the home care is important to note. If you notice a cloudy, white residue on your aligners this is most likely a negative result of plaque build up, which should be removed from aligners without hesitation. It is recommended to clean your aligners daily. You can use the Invisalign Cleaning System but brushing your aligners with a toothbrush and toothpaste will work as well. After brushing, make sure to rinse the aligners and be sure to always use lukewarm water as hot water could permanently warp the plastic.

Failing to properly clean your Invisalign aligners may result in bacterial build up that can make the aligner trays unhygienic to use. If this occurs, the trays have the potential to make you sick. By ensuring that you clean your aligners daily, you will be preventing any “germ breeding” to take place as well.

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