Best Holly Springs Orthodontist Offering Invisalign

Please contact us today at (919) 453-6325 if you are seeking Invisalign treatment in the Holly Springs, North Carolina area.

When it comes to orthodontics, you have plenty of options in the Holly Springs area. But you’ll quickly find that Dr. Jason Gladwell and the team at Gladwell Orthodontics rise to the top of the pack.

Dr. Gladwell has more than 1,000 successful Invisalign treatments under his belt. In fact, he has treated more Invisalign and Invisalign Teen patients than any other provider in North Carolina. And, with this experience comes the qualification as a Super Elite provider, which means he’s one of the top one percent of providers in the country.

He bolsters his own expertise with state-of-the-art technology to make sure that the entire Invisalign treatment is perfectly in line with each patient’s specific needs and concerns. Among his tools is a 3D digital scanner, which removes any need to make impressions of your teeth.

Despite his large client base, Dr. Gladwell takes care to provide each patient with a treatment plan that’s completely custom to his or her orthodontic needs. This means you or your child will feel comfortable and informed before starting an Invisalign program, which typically requires you to switch out your custom clear-plastic aligners every two weeks. Along the way, Dr. Gladwell and his staff will check in on progress to see that it’s falling in line with the initial treatment plan.

Aside from his effective treatments, Dr. Gladwell also provides an orthodontic office that you’ll look forward to visiting. He and his staff work hard to cultivate a comfortable, professional atmosphere for clients. They know that it can be a bit nerve-racking to have an orthodontic treatment, so they do all they can to put patients at ease.

You’ll even find that Dr. Gladwell’s office comes equipped with a Starbucks Charity Café — there’s not much more soothing than a warm cup of coffee or tea prior to an orthodontic check-up. All of his patients can sip warm beverages for free, although the office does take donations, which they then dole out to local charities. In other words, by choosing Dr. Jason Gladwell to perform your Invisalign treatment, you’ll feel good about your choice in more ways than one.

Metal Braces vs Invisalign

When deciding upon metal braces vs Invisalign there are a number of things to consider. Our team at Gladwell Orthodontics will be more than happy to discuss your options and what will work best to straighten your teeth; or the teeth of your son or daughter. Having over 1,000 successful Invisalign treatments puts Dr. Jason Gladwell in the Super Elite category which is the most prestigious category for all orthodontists nationwide. In fact, he has performed the most Invisalign treatments in all of North Carolina.

That said, this does not mean you do not want to consider metal braces. Depending on your situation, it might be a wise choice to apply metal braces to your teeth rather than using the invisible braces of Invisalign. Please contact us today at (919) 453-6325 to discuss options and payment plans. There are some insurance companies that cover part of the cost of braces and Invisalign. Call us to find out if yours covers part of the cost.

Elementary School and Middle School Students

Whether your son or daughter goes to Holly Springs, Holly Grove or Holly Ridge it is the case that Gladwell Orthodontics has assisted some of their classmates. Our Orthodontics office has helped those of all ages straighten their teeth with Invisalign. In fact, you have likely seen our name as a sponsor of local sporting events. If you would like to know more as to how we can assist the straightening of your children’s teeth call us today. We would love to provide you with the best possible orthodontic treatment in not only the area but the entire state of North Carolina.