Can Invisalign Pull Down Teeth or Lateral Incisor?

Our patients are huge fans of Invisalign because it gives them the opportunity to achieve a straight, attractive smile without any metal or wires. Since this popular orthodontic treatment is removable and discreet, it does not disrupt their lives.

By wearing Invisalign aligners for about 22 hours each day for a year or so, patients can watch their teeth gradually shift into their proper positions. Once they complete their treatment within a year or so, they will be left with the smile of their dreams and become a happier, more confident version of themselves.

Some patients visit our office with an interest in Invisalign and ask us whether this treatment can pull down teeth or lateral incisors. The lateral incisors are a pair of upper teeth that are situated laterally from both central incisors of the mouth and medially from both maxillary canines.

Patients that ask this question usually have upper canines that are higher than the rest of their teeth and they would like them to come down so they can enjoy a flat, straight across look. They often believe that they need to get traditional metal braces in order for their teeth to get pulled down.

The good news is that metal braces are not necessary and Invisalign can help with this. With proper treatment planning by Dr. Jason Gladwell and compliance by the patient, Invisalign can do the trick.

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