Invisalign TMJ Treatment Explained by Raleigh Orthodontist

Most people are aware of the aesthetic benefits of Invisalign. However, many do not know that these clear aligners could lead to a higher quality of life, especially if they are living with jaw pain, chewing issues, or other symptoms related to the temporomandibular joint or TMJ disorder. Although the cause of TMJ disorder varies from person to person, misalignment or a faulty bite are usually to the blame.

If you have a bite issue or misalignment, your jaw and its surrounding muscles may be forced to work harder. When this occurs, TMJ disorder may arise and it may be helpful to restore your bite through an orthodontic treatment.

Fortunately, misalignment and a faulty bite can both be treated with Invisalign. Invisalign applies pressure to your teeth and slowly but surely shift them into their proper alignment and correct the position of your bite. These clear aligners are a popular option because they are just as effective as traditional metal braces but are more discreet and comfortable.

If you are coping with TMJ disorder, Dr. Gladwell will assess your jaw alignment, get to know your symptoms and take the overall health of your teeth and gums into consideration to determine whether Invisalign is a good option. In the event another orthodontic treatment would provide you with better results, he will let you know.

Learn More About Invisalign and TMJ Disorder

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