Celebrities Who Have Had Invisalign

Invisalign has made it possible for teens and adults to straighten their teeth and achieve beautiful smiles in a discreet manner. Believe it or not, even celebrities have jumped on the Invisalign bandwagon and used this cutting-edge technology to boost their confidence on and off the camera. Here is a list of several of the many celebrities that have improved their appearance with Invisalign:

Katherine Heigl

In order to prepare for her wedding, Grey’s Anatomy star, Katherine Heigl wore Invisalign. With Invisalign, she was able to plan her wedding, continue her acting career, and live her busy life in comfort.

Tom Cruise

Many people would agree that Tom Cruise’s smile can light up a room. However, many are not aware that Cruise used Invisalign to perfect his front teeth after he took his kids to the orthodontist and realized that his teeth could be straighter.

Eva Longoria

Prior to Invisalign, Eva Longoria had crooked lower teeth. Once her treatment was completed at age 36, her confidence skyrocketed and she continued acting in popular TV shows like Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids.

Gisele Bundchen

After looking at a photo from a photoshoot, supermodel Gisele Bundchen noticed a flawed tooth. She then decided to wear Invisalign at night in order to fix the position of the shifted tooth and gain some more self-esteem.

Zac Efron

An orthodontist encouraged Zac Efron to use Invisalign to fix his diastema, which is defined as a gap between the teeth. He took the orthodontist’s advice and has been smiling for the camera in confidence ever since.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber sported Invisalign when he was a teenager. He explained that Invisalign was great because of its unobtrusive look that meant his braces were barely noticeable.

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