Changing Invisalign Trays – How Often and at Night?

In order for Invisalign to be effective, you must wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day and change them when your orthodontist tells you to do so. Although Invisalign does give you the freedom to remove your aligners to eat and clean your teeth, you must still wear them to school or work all day. By failing to do so, you won’t be able to achieve the straight teeth and attractive smile you’ve always dreamed of.

During your entire Invisalign treatment plan, you will wear about 18 to 30 Invisalign aligners that are specifically engineered for your teeth. Aligners will not move all of your teeth at one time and are intended to move certain teeth at certain times. That being said, the current position of your teeth and where they need to get to will determine the amount of aligners you will need to wear and how long you will be required to wear them. This is why it is essential to choose an Invisalign Diamond Plus orthodontist that has assisted thousands of patients. Dr. Jason Gladwell is the #1 Invisalign provider in North Carolina and #2 in the entire United States.

In most cases, each set of Invisalign aligners will be worn for about two weeks. After two weeks, you will need to switch to your next set of aligners. Here at Gladwell Orthodontics, we like to pair Invisalign with AcceleDent Aura whenever possible to allow our patients to change their aligners every 5 to 7 days and shorten their treatment period. This means you can change your trays on the same day every week. If it makes sense for you to change your trays every Sunday afternoon, this is possible. We find that making it a consistent change on a specific day of the week is much easier as our patients don’t have to think about when they last changed their aligners.

In order to use the AcceleDent Aura appliance, you’ll attach the mouthpiece to the activator and wait until the green LED light turns on. Then, you’ll place it in your mouth, bite down firmly, and let it work for 20 minutes without holding it in your hands. This device works best when it is used at the same time every day. With some of our patients, it is ideal to complete this process the same time every night. For our middle school students, it makes sense to do this every night at 8:00 or 9:00 pm est.

With the AcceleDent Aura appliance, you’ll be able to speed your tooth movement by up to 50%. If Dr. Jason Gladwell decides that Invisalign and AcceleDent Aura are right for you, you’ll be able to change your aligners every 5 to 7 days and significantly reduce your overall Invisalign treatment time.

Changing Invisalign Trays Every Week

Many patients have contacted us in regards to Invisalign that is changed every seven (7) days, or week, in 2020. There is likely a nationwide or regional marketing effort that is promoting this frequency in terms of Invisalign. Before choosing the Invisalign treatment that is correct for you or your children, we suggest contacting Gladwell Orthodontics today. We have a team of Invisalign professionals that can help you make your final decision the correct decision.

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