Will Jolly Ranchers Candy Ruin Invisalign?

Invisalign has been around since 1997 and is one of the best ways to straighten your teeth and achieve the healthy smile you deserve. If you undergo Invisalign treatment, you’ll be able to remove your aligners. This is great news as it will be easier to eat, drink, brush, and floss your teeth.

You won’t have to forgo your favorite foods or deal with the hassle of cleaning in between metal brackets and wires. If you have a sweet tooth and like candy like Jolly Ranchers, you may wonder if it can ruin your Invisalign. Keep reading to find out.

Jolly Ranchers are Bad for Invisalign

Believe it or not, Jolly Ranchers are one of the hardest candies out there. Despite this, they’re always popular, especially when Halloween time rolls around. Unfortunately, their hard nature can increase the chances of your teeth chipping or breaking. Also, sucking on hard candies like Jolly Ranchers for a while coats your teeth in sugar and puts them at risk for cavities and decay.

Ideally, you’d avoid Jolly Ranchers altogether. But if you must treat yourself, only eat them when your aligners are out of your mouth. If you attempt to have a Jolly Rancher with aligners in, you may also ruin them. Oftentimes, patients who have made this mistake have torn and stained their aligners. Our Lake Norman dentist friends always encourage patients to be aware of the candy their children are consuming. This is a great oral health practice.

Look for Jolly Rancher Alternatives

If you love sweets, you can enjoy other treats. A soft cookie or piece of cake is a better alternative because it’s not as hard as a Jolly Rancher. Whatever you do, however, limit the amount of sweets you do consume. You’ll significantly reduce your risk of complications. Your oral health and general health will thank you.

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