Lip Incompetence Exercises – Can I Treat Without Surgery?

The inability to maintain a lips together, closed mouth posture at rest is known as lip incompetence. This condition can lead to changes in facial development, tooth eruption, jaw function, breathing, and swallowing.

Fortunately, surgery is not required to treat lip incompetence. One of the most highly recommended treatments for lip incompetence is orofacial myofunctional therapy or OMT. The purpose of OMT is to solve poor oral habits or other orofacial issues through a series of easy and painless exercises.

By performing these exercises, individuals with lip incompetence can work their lips, tongue, mouth, and orofacial muscles in order to achieve a comfortable resting posture of the mouth and lips. If you have lip incompetence, OMT can allow you to safely and easily treat your condition without a surgical procedure. Our great friend and Mooresville, NC Dentist Ronnie Davidson has reported to us that the number of lip incompetence questions have increased during the last several months.

Although adults with lip incompetence can benefit from OMT, it’s best to undergo this treatment at a young age. This is because at around age 13, the lips stop growing. OMT can effectively reposition the tongue at rest into a normal position and prevent negative dental eruption and facial growth.

In addition to OMT, a palate expander may be used to widen the mouth or a Herbst appliance may be added to pull the upper jaw and promote backward growth. If you have any orthodontic questions related to a Herbst appliance or a palate expander we strongly urge you to contact an experienced orthodontist today.

If your son or daughter feels insecure about Lip Incompetence and you would like to address this issue in 2021, please contact your local orthodontist so they can start the process of helping your child have the beautiful smile they desire.

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