Should I Buy Lost-Aligner Insurance for Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are a wonderful solution to correct both minor and major crookedness or open spacing of teeth. Life with Invisalign is comfortable since aligners they are bracket and wire free. They are easily removable for tasks like eating, drinking, flossing and brushing. Additionally, for certain big occasions like weddings or large events, if you need to remove your aligners, you can with Invisalign!

How Invisalign Works

Prior to treatment, digital scans are taken of the full mouth. The scans digitally compose a full treatment plan from start to finish. From this same scan, a series of aligners are created to custom fit the teeth to ensure movement can take place little by little. Each series of aligners are to be worn for about two weeks before the next pair of aligners replaces them until the final result is desired.

Invisalign as an Investment

Invisalign treatment is a benefit to all who wish to follow through with it. There is no monetary worth for happiness and Invisalign creates just that. Desiring a smile that brings you confidence is priceless so be certain to take the very best care of your aligners.

As a helpful tip, when removing Invisalign aligners during eating or drinking, it may be beneficial to place your Invisalign aligners in a bright colored case rather than a napkin. A napkin can easily be mistaken as garbage when cleaning up after eating and your aligners may get thrown away by accident. It would be an unfortunate loss to have to purchase a whole new set of aligners because of an honest mistake of throwing them away.

For this reason, Gladwell Orthodontics has Lost-Aligner Insurance available for Invisalign purchases! After all, your teeth are an investment so why not make sure to take all precautions possible with your Invisalign aligners in the event accidents do happen— after all we are human!

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