Can I Play Middle School Sports Wearing Braces?

Playing sports may not be for everyone, but it absolutely can be! Growing up with two older brothers, I was never the girliest. My parents threw me into every and all sports I could possibly play. From swim team to lacrosse, gymnastics and soccer, even volleyball and field hockey, I was always busy.

Because I started playing soccer when I was only 4 or 5 years old, I had become accustomed to not having to worry about my teeth or wearing a mouthpiece, because it wasn’t required. That all changed when I got my braces put on though. My parents were unsure if they should continue to let me play anything, worrying what could happen to my teeth and braces.

It was possible for me to get injured while playing, and it was uncomfortable and awkward to wear the mouthpiece at first. After talking with my dentist, we all decided that I would continue to practice and play while wearing a mouth guard. I quickly learned to adjust and play normally with the mouth guard in, and often forgot about it all together!

There is a special mouth guard for braces. This mouth guard is a special design that fits over the braces and sits comfortably in your mouth. It is important to protect your teeth and your mouth from injury, and a mouthpiece and mouth guard are the best way. It is very worth your while to continue playing the sports you love and still protecting your smile!

Physical activity is a great stress release for children as well as a good tool Keeping your children happy and healthy is the goal, and Gladwell Orthodontics would agree! Make sure to check out our website if you have any questions or concerns.