As a Middle Schooler, Should I Be Nervous About How I Will Look with Braces?

If you are getting braces put on for the first time, you may very well be nervous of how they’ll look on you. This is a normal feeling to have, but by no means necessary. Braces are very common during middle school years. In fact, at this time, since mostly everyone has braces it’s a pretty trendy thing to have!

If you are nervous about your braces, think of the positives! Remind yourself from time to time of the results. Before braces, you may not be the happiest with your smile. Say for example there is a gap between your front teeth that has made you self-conscious, well, after a couple months of treatment with your braces this gap may completely vanish because your teeth have come together! It’s almost like magic with the transformations you’ll begin to see while you’re wearing your braces.

Keep in mind that braces are not forever and they don’t define who you are. With braces, your friends and family will still continue to keep their relationships with you, so it isn’t like you will have to lose the people that matter most when you have braces. So try to dismiss any negative thoughts that are stemmed from having braces. Keep focused on the future if this helps you. Most likely, after your braces are off, you’ll forget what life was even like with them on. You’ll instantly be so happy just to look at your pretty new smile in pictures or in the mirror that in the end the braces were 100% worth it.

Additionally, with braces come some perks! You get to express some originality and personality while wearing them. The brackets that get put on your teeth are able to have colored bands put on around them. This means variations of blues; greens, pinks and sometimes bands may even be able to glow in the dark! It’s fun to go in for your adjustments and pick out new color sets each time. If your friends have braces too, you could even think of colors together that would match. The creativity of colors really is up to you.

If you’re nervous about your braces and how you’ll look with them, don’t be! At Gladwell Orthodontics, we can assure you that your braces will make everything worth it for your smile and overall happiness in the long run. Please contact us if you want to know more about the colored bands we offer and how you can show off your braces with some personal style.