Mouth Sores and Tongue Soreness From Braces – What Can I Do?

There is nothing worse than sores in your mouth, but having wires that poke your cheeks and gums is never fun, either. These pointy wires and brackets rubbing against your cheeks and gums can soon turn into mouth sores, and cause even more pain. If they are not too bad, they usually only last for about a week and will quickly heal. There are ways to lessen the pain, though.

There are a few home remedies that you can try to ease the pain. One quick and easy one that my mom always told me while growing up was to rinse with warm water and salt. The salt and heat help to reduce swelling and can help flush out irritants.

Another quick fix would be to go out and buy a cream or paste to help heal the sores. If the wires persist to bother your mouth, the dentist can provide dental wax. This is a small container that holds 5 or 6 small strips of wax. Taking off a small piece from one and placing it over the wire can be a temporary solution, but visiting the dentist is the best way to completely fix the issue.

Having the orthodontist go in and snip the long and bothersome wire, or adjust the brackets so they are no longer bothersome! Make sure to call your dentist at the first signs of discomfort to solve the problem as soon as possible. If you have any questions, go to Gladwell Orthodontics or call us today!