Can I Wear a Mouthpiece to Play Football or Baseball While Having Braces?

There are some sports that require all players to wear a mouthpiece or mouth guard while they play, but there are still some sports that don’t have a mouth guard requirement. Football is one where you have to wear a mouthpiece, and you will get a call on the field if it is not in your mouth. Getting braces can change things a bit, however. It is not easy to wear a normal mouth guard over braces, but you do still have to, it is even more important to protect your teeth with braces!

It is never fun to get hit in the mouth, and when playing a contact sport, there are many chances for injuries to occur. That is why it is very important to protect your mouth, especially with braces! There are mouth pieces that are made specifically for braces. These mouth guards are usually a top and bottom that are connected. They are bigger than the normal mouth guards, but that is because there is more to protect. Although they may look very uncomfortable, these mouth guards are great!

Even though mouth guards are not required for baseball, you should definitely consider wearing one. There is just as much of a chance in baseball to damaging that beautiful smile as in any other sport. Baseball is considered a contact sport, and as I’ve always been told, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Get in contact with your dentist or Gladwell Orthodontics today to see about which mouthpiece you should try for contact sports such as Football and Baseball! If you are unsure of where to begin or what information you may need, contact our office today.