How Will I Know If I Need a Permanent Retainer?

When most people think of permanent retainers, they think of the bulky removable retainers that are worn to bed. Permanent retainers are far smaller than removable retainers. Rather than featuring extraneous plastic pieces, they are made of a thin wire that runs behind the teeth. The wire is cemented to the back of the teeth so that the retainer can be held in place.

At first, a permanent retainer may feel strange as you’ll be able to feel it every time you run your tongue along the back of your teeth. Fortunately, you’ll get used to this sensation and the permanent retainer will eventually feel like a natural part of your mouth.

There are a number of reasons an orthodontist may suggest a permanent retainer. If you tend to be forgetful and would like to make sure your retainer does its job, a permanent retainer may be a great choice. Once it’s in, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. If you travel frequently for work and school, a permanent retainer is likely ideal.

Since the goal of retainers is to keep your teeth from migrating back to their previous positions, permanent retainers are a good option if you’d like to make sure you keep the smile you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

If you are constantly in front of people at work at school, know that a permanent retainer will not be visible to others. It will be fixed to the back of your teeth so all people will see is your attractive smile.

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