What is the New Southpoint Store Near Forever 21 and Macy’s?

If you have been in the Southpoint Mall in the last few months, you have likely noticed that a new store is opening up near Macy’s and Forever 21. Our Southpoint Invisalign Scan Center Experience will open in May 2019. To learn more about the Invisalign Experience, you can click this link.

If you or your children have been thinking about Invisalign over braces, this is your opportunity to receive a free consultation. With a very convenient location to Duke University, Woodcroft, Hope Valley, UNC and the general Southpoint area, our Invisalign Scan Center Experience can help you learn much more about the opportunities to straighten your teeth without metal braces.

As North Carolina’s #1 Invisalign provider and one of the only Diamond Plus providers in the state, we are confident we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.