Who is the Orthodontist in the Invisalign “Dancing” TV Commercial?

You may have seen the latest Invisalign TV commercial in which there are three people dancing (two girls and one guy) in front of an iPhone. Some may think they are making a TikTok, Instagram Reel or even a YouTube video. This is the TV commercial:

About 8 seconds into the TV commercial you will notice an orthodontist consulting with a patient. Do you know who that orthodontist is? It is none other than our Dr. Jason Gladwell. One of the top 3 Invisalign providers in the United States and the #1 Invisalign provider in the entire state of North Carolina.

You may notice Dr. Gladwell in some of the other Invisalign NFL sponsored TV commercials throughout the summer and into the fall NFL football season. It is great to see the TV commercial with Dr. Jason Gladwell’s name on it. We have found people search for “orthodontist with glasses” or “orthodontist with a beard” in the Invis TV Commercial.