Orthodontist Office Near Leesville Road Middle and High School

Gladwell Orthodontics is excited about our new office near Leesville Road Middle and High School. Since its right down the street from these schools, middle and high school students can conveniently get to the orthodontist before and after school.

If your child attends Leesville Road Middle or High School, we suggest you schedule an appointment for them at our office. Middle and high school is the time that children hope to look their best and would do anything to improve their confidence and put their best face forward.

Orthodontic treatment at Gladwell Orthodontics can help your teen achieve the beautiful, healthy smile they need to walk down the halls of Leesville Road Middle or High School in complete confidence. With a new smile they love, they are likely to become more social and excel in their educational and extracurricular activities.

We may recommend traditional metal braces or Invisalign to help your child’s teeth slowly move into their proper position. Treatment time varies from patient to patient and will depend on your child’s age, treatment method, and the severity of their case. Your child’s compliance will also play a huge role in treatment time, making it important for you to encourage them to adhere to our instructions.

Schedule an Appointment at Gladwell Orthodontics Today

Gladwell Orthodontics is pleased to provide Leesville Road Middle and High School students with the highest quality of care. If your child is a student at one of these schools, call us today at 919-453-6325 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you teen and helping them achieve the smile of their dreams!