Does an Orthodontist Need My Dental Records and X-Rays?

If you’re new to the orthodontist, you may be wondering whether you need to provide dental records and x-rays. The answer is yes. If you are able to send us your dental records and x-rays, we’ll have the information we need to make informed decisions about your orthodontic treatment plan.

By looking through your dental records, Dr. Jason Gladwell of Gladwell Orthodontics will understand the last time you saw the dentist and had x-rays done and what type of shape your teeth are. He can read through your dentist’s notes and get their perspective of your oral health.

Fortunately, obtaining your dental records and x-rays is a fairly simple, straightforward process. Thanks to HIPAA regulations, you have the right to your records and all you really have to do is ask your dentist. While you can ask them in person at their office, we recommend making the request in writing so that there is a record of it.

Keep in mind that you’ll receive a copy of your dental records and x-rays rather than the original ones as those belong to your dentist. Also, you may be required to pay a small fee so that your dentist can prepare your records and mail them to our office.

Once Dr. Gladwell has your records, he will take a thorough look at them and evaluate your teeth, mouth, and gums at your initial appointment. Since you are unique and unlike any other patient, you can count on him to design a customized treatment plan to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

If you are unable to obtain dental records and x-rays for any reason, no worries. We’ll still be able to help you achieve a beautiful smile.

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