Overcoming the Fear of Braces in College

Braces can be embarrassing, in middle school, high school, and especially in college. It makes it even worse having everything from your college years be documented because, pics or it didn’t happen. If you don’t understand that reference it is just a line that many kids say, meaning you have to have proof in a picture that you did something otherwise we wouldn’t believe you. That means that everything fun or adventurous that you do, most people will document it through videos or pictures. It is hard to feel confident when you have braces in college though, so many students struggle with confidence issues.

Students struggle with confidence daily, and adding braces to the mix does not make it any easier. That is usually the first thing that a person notices, those bright shiny metal things stuck to your teeth. You might think people will treat you differently or like you less because you have them in your 20s, but the reality is, no one really cares that much. You have braces? Great, I had them, too. They are no fun, but you’ll look so good once those bad boys come off!

The truth is, as long as you don’t care that you are wearing braces in college, no one else will mind, either. Just be confident and know that all the pain and suffering of having braces will soon pay off when you have beautifully straight teeth! Then everyone will compliment your great smile, and your brace face will be in the past.