Can You Have a Palate Expander with Invisalign?

Palate expanders are custom made for each child and placed at the roof of their mouth in between the two rows of their upper teeth. They are comprised of two small metal brackets and a tensioning system that can be adjusted via a special key. Although not all children need one, palate expanders are a great option for those with crossbites, impacted teeth, and breathing difficulties.

In most cases, palate expanders are worn for 3 to 6 months and drastically shorten a child’s overall orthodontic time. If you believe that a palate expander may be a good choice for your child, you may be wondering whether it can be worn in conjunction with Invisalign. This is a common question we hear at Gladwell Orthodontics as many pre-teens and teens are image conscious and seeking a discreet way to achieve straighter teeth and a more attractive smile.

While it is possible for your pre-teen or teen to receive a palate expander at the same time as Invisalign, Dr. Jason Gladwell typically recommends that they undergo a palate expander treatment prior to getting Invisalign. A palate expander can make an Invisalign treatment more comfortable and effective while eliminating the need for tooth extraction or invasive jaw surgery.

It’s also important to understand that Invisalign on its own does not have the power to widen the mouth so your child cannot rely on it solely to help them achieve their orthodontic goals.

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