When Do You Get Power Chains on Braces?

In 2023, there are a variety of different orthodontic appliances out there. While you may have heard of braces, Invisalign, palate expanders and retainers, power chains may be new to you. Power chains are comprised of the same elastic material seen on elastic ligatures. Elastic ligatures are the o-shaped elastics that are designed to hold your arch wire to each bracket.

Power chains are basically several ligatures that are linked together. If they are placed on your tooth, you can expect them to create one continuous band. In most cases, power chains are a replacement for ligatures. However, your orthodontist may apply ligatures and power chains to your teeth. It all depends on your particular teeth and mouth and customized orthodontic treatment plan. On occasion, your orthodontist may prescribe power chains that are made of wire.

You’re likely asking yourself what power chains can do for you. First and foremost, they can close a gap between your tooth by applying extra force and expediting the teeth moving process. You may find that your orthodontist recommends that your power chain stay on, even when your teeth have closed. Why? The purpose of this is to make sure that the gap stays closed for the rest of your treatment. Like most things in life, when something is complete, you will want retention. An orthodontist does not want your teeth to go back to the way they were prior to the treatment.

Think of power chains in the same way you think of ligatures. They are intended for orthodontic adjustment and available in various colors. When you first receive them, you may experience some minor pain and discomfort. The good news is that this will fade as soon as your teeth get used to them. If your pain is overwhelming, do not hesitate to call us so we can determine what is causing the pain and potentially prescribe medication. While most will think to take over the counter (OTC) Tylenol or Advil it may be advisable to take another prescription drug.

While it may be more difficult to brush and floss your teeth with power chains in the picture, your orthodontist can provide you with some great tips and tricks.

Do Power Chains Help an Overbite

As with all type of braces, Invisalign or orthodontic treatment, the overall goal is to create a healthy smile. With this in mind, we are glad to report that power chains and traditional metal braces do help with an overbite. An overbite is something that should be addressed at an early age. If your elementary schooler or middle schooler has a noticeable overbite, contact Gladwell Orthodontics today so we can set up an initial consultation. We conveniently have office locations in North Raleigh, Downtown Raleigh and Wake Forest.

Different Color Power Chains

Many of our patients want to know if they can get different color power chains for their braces. Fortunately, we have a number of options when it comes to personalizing your smile. Whether you want NC State red, UNC Blue or Duke Navy Blue there are options available for you or your child. We have noticed that more and more children want pastel or bright colors on their braces or power chains. Think lime green or hot pink. While we cannot provide every color in the rainbow, we will do our best to make the smile of you or your child personalized during the process of braces.

We have even been asked for black and white power chains for braces in 2021. Once again, no matter what color you are looking for, we will try to accommodate you.

Contact Gladwell Orthodontics

If you have further questions about power chain or are wondering whether you’re a good candidate for them, don’t hesitate to contact our office at (919) 453-6325. We look forward to hearing from you! Our expert Raleigh and Wake Forest area orthodontists can help you choose the best orthodontic treatment plan to give you the amazing smile you have always wanted.

You can read this page in Spanish here – ¿Cuándo se obtienen las cadenas de poder en los frenillos?