What is the Shortest Timeframe for Invisalign?

What is Invisalign? The definition is in the name! Invisalign is clear (invisible) aligners, meant to align, or straighten your teeth. The easiest way to think about Invisalign is that they are clear, removable braces. The trays are custom fit to your mouth and you receive a sequence of trays in order to wear at home, making it a great option for busy adults. The aligners move the teeth slowly, correcting them over the course of your treatment time. Typically, Invisalign trays are worn 24/7 and only taken out when you eat/drink while in active orthodontic treatment. If you don’t take your trays out while eating and drinking, food particles and bacteria will sit on your teeth which can cause cavities over time.

The amount of time your Invisalign case will take is determined on a case by case basis. Your treatment time will be dependent on what you need to orthodontically correct and how complex your case is.

However, Invisalign does offer an “express” case option. Express Invisalign includes 7-10 trays which would be 7-10 weeks of Invisalign treatment. This is the shortest treatment option that Invisalign offers. This is usually for patients who have already had orthodontic treatment and need very minor adjustments. This option is not meant for people that have large spacing, crowding, or a severe under or overbite. In order to properly treat those issues, you would need a more comprehensive case which takes longer.

Talk to your orthodontist about what they recommend for you and they will be able to advise you on how long your treatment should be to yield the best results for you.

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