Can Teeth Whitening Be Used with Invisalign?

Have you decided to improve your smile with Invisalign and are considering whitening as well? Yes, you can whiten your teeth with Invisalign, in fact this is a great way to save money! Usually, there are two ways to do professional bleaching through your dental professional. The first option are preloaded trays. These are similar to crest whitening strips in the way that they already have the bleach built into the trays. Then, you form the trays to your teeth by pressing and molding it to your teeth and allow them to sit there for about 30 minutes. The second option for whitening includes syringes that have bleach in them. However when using this method of bleaching, you need to have custom trays that are made specifically for you. Invisalign gives you this without having to pay extra for custom trays! Your Invisalign trays are already molded and created specifically for your teeth, which makes it easy to use bleach with them!

Ask your dentist about what their options for take home bleaching are and let them know you would like to purchase some bleach syringes. After you’ve gotten bleach from your dental professional, now what?

To effectively whiten your teeth with the best results, follow these simple steps:

First, brush and floss your teeth and make sure your trays are clean. It is best to do this at night time before bed. Take your bleach syringe and put a small dot (you only need a very small amount) into each tooth that you want to whiten in your Invisalign tray. Many people only want to whiten their front teeth, so to save bleach you don’t necessarily need to put bleach on your molars. Many people whiten from canine to canine or premolar to premolar depending on how wide your smile line is. You can easily tell this by simply looking in the mirror and seeing which teeth show when you smile. After putting a small dot of bleach in the teeth that you wish to whiten, put the trays in and keep them on for 15-30 minutes. For first time users, it’s best to start with 15 minutes first because sometimes whitening can make your teeth sensitive. If you try whitening for 15 minutes and are not experiencing any sensitivity, it is safe to wear them for a little longer. It is not recommended that you keep the bleach on your teeth for more than 30 minutes because it can start to bother your gum tissue which can cause discomfort.

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