What is the Blue GO Store in Crabtree Valley Mall?

If you are in Crabtree Valley Mall in November or December of 2017 you will noticed the blue GO, or Gladwell Orthodontics, store in the mall for the first time. Many may be wondering what this is. This is our state of the art Invisalign Scan Center, which is the first of its kind. We are the first orthodontics practice in the country to offer a scan station in a shopping mall or any free standing location.

You can learn more about our Crabtree Valley Mall Invisalign Scan Station here. You will get records taken, office information, and scanned for Invisalign at the Crabtree Scan Center. After being scanned one of our employees will show you the outcome simulator which illustrates the progression of your smile throughout treatment.

If you have been considering Invisalign or simply want to see what your teeth will look like after the treatment, we can go through the process with you at our scan kiosk station while your friends, parents or siblings are shopping. Have you noticed the blue GO kiosk in Crabtree Valley Mall? Did you know what Invisalign was when you saw our scan center for the first time?