Wake Forest High School Football 2019 Jamboree and Mascot Orthodontist Sponsor

On Saturday, August 17th, 2019 Wake Forest High School will host its first annual football Jamboree. At the Jamboree, you will notice that Gladwell Orthodontics is not only the major sponsor but will also have a mascot and will support the mascot games.

The HighSchoolOT.com Jamboree consists of numerous individual scrimmages that are played as much like a real game as possible. Teams will play two 24-minute halves; they will have four downs to get a first down, score, punt or turn the ball over; punts and kicks will happen, but will not be live.

Trentini Stadium, the home of the Wake Forest football team, is the largest high school stadium in Wake County. The stadium seats 10,000 spectators. Built in 1940 and originally named Groves Stadium, Trentini Stadium was the home of the Wake Forest University football team until the university moved to Winston-Salem.

Wake Forest’s football program has established itself as one of the top programs in North Carolina. The Cougars have won three straight 4AA state championships and 45 consecutive games.