Do High School and College Girls hide their braces on Instagram?

Braces in middle school was very common, and it was in a sense, kind of cool to have. I was so excited to get my braces in elementary school because I was one of the first in my grade to have them. It was exciting and new to add colors to your teeth. However, the excitement of braces fades the older you get. As you get older, it becomes more and more embarrassing to have braces. Although having braces shouldn’t be a cause for embarrassment, many people try to hide the fact that they do when taking pictures or when talking to people. It is very hard to hide the fact that you have shiny metal glued to your teeth when talking to someone, so many people may try to just avoid talking all together.

Pictures is a different story. There are tips and tricks to hiding those embarrassments from your followers. The soft smile is a common way to hide the braces. A soft smile is one where you do not show your teeth, and only smile with your lips. That, or a smirk are two ways girls tend to cover up their braces.

There are many ways to go about hiding your braces as a high school or college girl, but some people try to have fun while they do it. You could use objects to cover up your smile or using it as a replacement smile, such as a banana or a cutout mouth.

There are many apps that girls download that can adjust their face, weight, or any imperfection that they may not be happy with. Photoshop is a commonly used application that can easily cover up the braces almost completely, making it look as if you don’t have any! Although braces should be something that you shouldn’t have to worry about, many people are very self-conscious of it. Just remember that you are beautiful, and the braces are just a process to make your smile even more beautiful!

Our friends, peers and Spring Hill, FL dermatologists at PHDermatology have stated that more and more teenage and college aged young women are contacting their office in regards to Botox, lip fillers and other cosmetic services. While braces are often thought of as an unattractive feature it does not have to be considered that way. The only reason braces are considered unattractive is because young peers consider it to be. It would be advisable to consult with your teenage son or daughter to get their mental health and their mental place at the current time.