Invisalign Attachments for the Back of Teeth

Invisalign has become a very popular form of orthodontic treatment. Unlike braces, they are made of a clear plastic material patented specifically for Invisalign and are hardly noticeable to others. Treatment is performed with a series of aligners, “trays” that are molded to tightly fit to the teeth. Many kinds of orthodontic cases are treatable with Invisalign. For example, Invisalign can help fix crowding, overbites, underbites, crossbites, gap teeth and even open bites.

For some more complex cases, SmartForce attachments are used during treatment. These attachments are small tooth-color shapes that are typically made of a composite material that are attached to the front of your teeth either before or during Invisalign treatment. In other words, the attachments act like “handles” providing the aligners with something to gently push on for increased force.

These attachments are necessary to obtain desired results for some patients. Through extensive research, the makers of Invisalign have found that some tooth movements would not occur properly without the help of the specific design of the attachments.

Although Invisalign attachments seem to be noticeable as is, some patients may question the true “invisibility” of attachments. For this reason some may desire to have attachments placed on the back or inside of the teeth. However, this is may not be the desired placement for these attachments depending on an individual’s case.

Ultimately, the attachments provide optimum results when placed on the front of the teeth. However, depending on which movement is needed for the teeth to achieve desired results, inside placement may be possible. If you are questioning the placement of your attachments consult with an Invisalign provider immediately for proper guidance.

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