My Invisalign Attachments Hurt – Is Something Not Right?

Invisalign is becoming a very popular orthodontic appliance used as an alternative to metal braces designed to gradually straighten teeth and correct bites. Invisalign aligners create convenience and aesthetic for all patients since there are no metal brackets or wires involved in the treatment process. The aligners are specifically made of a clear-patented plastic meant to fit tightly on the teeth in order to ensure desired alignment.

In some cases, desired tooth corrections can be difficult to accomplish due to the angulation or shape of a patient’s teeth. For these particular cases, Invisalign created SmartForce attachments, small tooth-colored shapes that are bonded to the teeth either before or during the treatment process. The Invisalign aligners are meant to fit directly over the attachments so that the aligners can directly apply the correct amount of force to the teeth in the proper direction.

If you are currently an Invisalign patient with attachments and experiencing any pain, it is important to note the severity of the pain. Seeing as direct force is applied to the teeth with the help of the attachments, pressure may cause pain. If the attachments are working properly, it is possible that temporary discomfort can occur after placing a new set of aligners, which may fit tighter than a previous set of aligners. If you seem to be experiencing chronic pain with Invisalign attachments, it is important to notify the Invisalign provider immediately.

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