Lip Incompetence Fillers or Botox? What Works Best?

Lip incompetence refers to the lips’ inability to rest together comfortably in a closed posture without straining the muscles around the mouth. Left untreated, this condition can lead to crooked teeth, challenges with jaw joint function, and breathing and swallowing issues.

If you have lip incompetence, you may wonder whether fillers or Botox could help. The truth is that both have the potential to improve your condition. Since every case of lip incompetence is different, it’s important to consult your orthodontist prior to undergoing fillers or Botox treatment. While fillers may be beneficial for one patient, Botox may make sense for another.


For over two decades, Botox has been used to treat neurological disorders that lead to muscle weakness as well as migraines and a few other conditions. In the beauty world, it’s used to treat wrinkles and improve the appearance of the lips. Botox can alter the appearance of your lips by relaxing the muscles around them and allowing them to appear larger.


Although fillers are intended to treat smile lines on the face, they can also be effective in plumping up the lips, which can aid with lip incompetence. They are injectable, just like Botox, and come in a variety of forms. Although fillers are usually effective and allow longer lasting results than Botox, they still require maintenance treatments once they wear off.

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