Should I Get My Molars or Back Teeth Filed?

There are a number of reasons you may want to consider filing for your molars or back teeth. If your teeth have been slightly chipped, filing may even out the enamel and improve their appearance.

Dr. Gladwell may also recommend filing if your back teeth are crowded. Rather than extracting your teeth to create room for the ideal alignment, he may file down the side of them so that there is additional space for movement. If your teeth have tiny chips or rough edges, he may suggest filing as well.

There are a variety of tools that Dr. Gladwell may use if he decides that filing is a good option. However, the major tool he will likely use is a a thin diamond strip that features a flexible metal which fits comfortably between teeth. The tool is very similar to a nail file as it involves sliding back and forth to file down the necessary enamel. After filing, Dr. Gladwell may suggest metal braces or Invisalign to ensure optimal results.

Fortunately, filing is a simple, non-invasive procedure. Since it doesn’t touch the nerve system, you are likely to find it to be painless and comfortable. While you may be tempted to file your own teeth at home, understand that this is not a DIY procedure. If you’d like to achieve the very best results and protect your teeth from further damage, filing should be performed by a skilled professional like Dr. Gladwell.

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