Are Orthodontics Offices Open During Phase 2 in North Carolina?

We are living in unprecedented times. There are many questions North Carolinians have in relation to what is opened and closed during Phase 2 of the reopening of the economy. Every single day in June of 2020 we have received phone calls from current and future patients asking if our Raleigh, Wake Forest and Downtown Raleigh offices are open. Is the orthodontist open in Raleigh during phase 2? Yes! We are open during phase 2 of the reopening of the North Carolina economy.

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The businesses that are not open are bars, movie theaters, bowling alleys and gyms. While we navigate through these difficult times, we have implemented a few new office procedures. You can find the details of our June and July 2020 office procedures here.

On July 17th, 2020 Governor Roy Cooper will assess the data in terms of total hospitalizations, positivity rate and the overall health of our state. He will then decide if we can move into Phase 2.5 or Phase 3. As of now, our Raleigh orthodontics offices are open on Strickland Road at the Leesville Road intersection, in Downtown Raleigh on Glenwood South and in Wake Forest near The Factory. Contact us today to start your Invisalign or traditional metal braces treatment.